Ket spoon Tutorial: What it is, How it works and Where to buy!

Ever wondered why some people carry/ wear one of those peculiar minuscule spoons around their neck? Well, unless some people are oddly obsessed with spoon jewelry, chances are those tiny spoons are Ket scoops, aka ketamine spoons.

So what is a ket spoon, why and how do people use it, and where can you buy them online?

Here is a brief overview of everything you need to know about them.

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Ket Spoon - Spoon Necklace

So, what exactly is it?

As apparent by its name, is a spoon that is used for scooping up ketamine, which you can then inhale it. In brief, it is a simple alternative to having to use your fingers to take pinches of your powdered product whenever you need it.

Ket spoons go by different names in the market – k spoons, special k spoons, or simply ketamine spoons.

It come in a wide array of size options. But, their general size is (much) smaller than the conventional kitchen spoons. Some websites also allow you to custom order your own k spoons with your precise size, or with personal design tweaks.

Due to their minuscule size, they are extremely easy to lose sight of. Hence, they are usually worn as a necklace to minimize the chances of misplacing it. Of course, wearing it around your neck is also the most convenient way of making sure you have the spoon at your disposal whenever you need it.

What are they used for?

It is a minuscule instrument used mainly to deliver powdered narcotics, most commonly ketamine (hence, the name). But, they aren’t used just for powdered ketamine. In fact, a large proportion of people use k spoon to snort powdered tobacco, aka, snuff.

Ketamine is a dissociative drug that was originally used for both medical and veterinary purposes due to its anesthetic properties. Traditionally it is used in liquid form, but in the present day, it is found and used in powdered form as well.

Ketamine is also consumed for recreational purposes due to its dissociative and hallucinogenic properties as well. Like any other form of recreational drugs, ketamine also goes by a lot of alternate names in the market.

Some of the common street names of ketamine include special k, super c, cat valium, k, super acid, etc.

Also, if you come across the term "k-hole," you should know that it simply refers to the trans-like state that people experience when they consume ketamine in a high dose.

How do you use it?

If you can manage to use your conventional kitchen spoon without any problems, it is safe to assume that you won’t find any difficulties using the tool. But, due to their minuscule size, it can be difficult to use at first, at least for amateurs. 

Some of the key factors that play a crucial role when using it are – the size of the spoon, the amount of snuff, and the right distance of the spoon from your nostrils.

For a newbie, it is better to start with spoons that have a considerably larger bowl to avoid accidental spills. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to smaller spoons that are much easier to carry around for superior convenience.

The amount of snuff will (obviously) depend on your personal needs. But, scooping it up in excess amount will increase the chances of spills. Snuff measuring to about ¾ of the spoon should be ideal.

Also, the best way to inhale the snuff is to place the ket spoon right inside your nostrils. 

Where can you buy them?

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