Nos/Nang Cracker: What it does, How to Use it, and Where You Can Buy Them

Unless you just crawled out of a cave, fair chances are you might have heard of a peculiar term “nangs cracker.” So, what exactly is a nangs cracker, what is its purpose, and most importantly, how do you use it?

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Nos Cracker/Nang Cracker

So, what exactly is a nos cracker?

First of all, nos crackers go by a bunch of different names like whippits, whippets, Hippy crack, whip, nossies, or just simply nangs. So, the next time you hear any of those names, know that they refer to the same thing.

Nang or whipped cream cartridge, in its most simplistic application, is a Nitrous Oxide cartridge that is used most commonly for whipping out fluffy cream onto your cookies or cakes.

Nang, of course, is a slang term that most people use for referring to the usage of a whipped cream cartridge for recreational purposes.

Nos crackers, on the other hand, refer to a small cylindrical container that can store the nitrous oxide cartridge and open it. So, in brief, a Nang cracker is a device used for cracking/opening the whipped cream (nitrous oxide) cartridge to release the NO2 gas present inside it.


How does it work?


The working principle of a nos cracker is extremely straightforward. You certainly, do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand how it works.

The narrow end/ tip of the nitrous oxide cartridge is usually covered with a foil. The main purpose of the cracker is to break the foil to release the nitrous oxide gas present inside.

Noscrackers have a sharp pin present inside them that inflates the foil when you screw them together. The cracker then covers the opening and releases the gas-only when you start unscrewing/ loosening it again.

The gas inside the canister will escape through the small holes that are present on the top surface.


How do you use it?


A nos cracker can sound and look extremely simple to operate. And it is! But, if you do not have the right approach, it can leave you scratching your head. Or, in most cases, end up wasting away too many whipped cream cartridge.

So, here’s a proper guide on how to use the nang cracker the right way!


Step 1: Loosen the cracker until it falls apart in two separate smaller parts. 

Step 2: Take the standard 8 gram whipped cream canister and insert it inside the cracker.

Step 3: Now, screw the back the cracker tightly, or until fully closed. This will enable the pin inside the cracker to poke open the foil on the tip of the canister.      

Step 4: Make sure there is no gap left between the two ends of the cracker when you screw it shut. This will prevent the nitrous oxide gas from escaping out from the opening rather than from the holes on the surface of the cracker.

Step 5: Now, take the balloon and slide it carefully over the cracker. Make sure you slide it thoroughly over the cracker (usually up to 1cm). Loose-fitting will allow the gas to escape without inflating the balloon.

Step 6: It is usually recommended to wear protective gloves before you can proceed to unscrew the cracker and release the nitrous oxide gas. Liquefied NO2 gas can cause frostbite, or even skin burns, if not handled with care.

Step 7: Unscrew the nangs cracker slowly until it inflates the balloon fully. Even if you use the cracker for other purposes, it is recommended to release the gas slowly as an abrupt release of N02 gas can be dangerous.

P.S. A little tap on the cracker will help release the residual gas (if any).

Where can you buy nang crackers?

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